18th Annual Jefferson County Survey of the Community

The 18th Annual Jefferson County Survey of the Community, completed by Jefferson Community College Center for Community Studies, was released yesterday. Thank you to the Center for Community Studies for allowing FDRLO to incorporate a few questions in the survey. See the results below. A link to the full report follows: http://www.sunyjefferson.edu/sites/default/files/18th_Annual_Survey_of_Jefferson_County_Final%20Report.pdf

CCS FD Graph

Section 2.2 – Perceived Impact of Fort Drum Upon the North Country (Tables 6

and 36-42)

23. Participants were asked whether they agree or disagree with each of six separate statements regarding the potential

positive impact that the continuing presence of Fort Drum has upon the North Country. These statements were

developed in collaboration with the Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization (FDRLO) to help in their strategic planning.

The Center for Community Studies annually includes a small selection of survey questions on behalf of communitybased

organizations, in 2017 the FDRLO contacted the Center and requested this collaborative research effort.

Overwhelmingly the results show that in 2017 county residents perceive the continuing presence of Fort Drum

as having several positive impacts upon local residents. Of particular note is that almost nine-in-ten residents

agree that “local community leadership should continue to be actively involved in efforts that ensure the long term

viability of Fort Drum.” Interestingly, when the response distribution for each of the six statements is compared among

the following three subgroup: those with active military living in the household, those with no active military in the

household but whose employment is Fort Drum related, and those with no formal employment connection to Fort Drum,

no consistent pattern emerges for any of these three groups as always reporting the greatest or least level of agreement,

level of agreement varies by “impact posed”. However, clearly a majority of each of these three groups agrees with

each of the six statements – demonstrating quite uniform positive perception of the local impact of the base. Details for

levels of agreement with the potential positive impact of Fort Drum are summarized in Table 6. (Tables 6, and 36-42)

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